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Pre-Cooling System (Air-Cooled Chillers)




Power Saving Device for electric and absorption air-cooled chillers

Evaporcool Installed on Chiller A/C UnitEvaporcool Installed on Chiller A/C UnitThe EvaporCool System is now available through MultiGen. The system:

  • Reduces Energy Usage Including Demand Charges
  • Reduces Overall Maintenance
  • Increases Cooling Capability
  • Reduces Head Pressure
  • Increases System Reliability
  • Protects Coils from Debris and Damage
  • Extends the Life of HVAC equipment
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • No Moving Parts!

The system can be installed on new equipment or as a retrofit resulting in savings or efficiency.

A Simple Principle

Based on A Simple Principle of Cooling Air Before Passing Through A CondenserBased on A Simple Principle of Cooling Air Before Passing Through A Condenser

Hot outside air is cooled as it passes through the EZ-Frame, before it reaches the condenser coils.

This allows the system to operate as though it were cooler outside than it actually is. On 100 (38C) degree days (73F [23C] wet bulb), in a humid South eastern U.S. climate, the leaving air temperature of the EvaporCool system entering the condenser is 79.2 (26C) degrees!

The system is electronically controlled and uses about 1 litre per day for every 3.5kW of cooling capacity. The controls regulate and optimise water usage to maximise efficiency and conserve water or can use the water generated by a MultiGen.

When the system is used with a MultiGen water maker air handler unit water is made from the atmosphere and stored for later use by Evaporcool.


The Magnetic Frame and Filter SystemThe Magnetic Frame and Filter System

The EZ-Frame™ framing system (patent-pending) provides a unique mechanism for protecting condensing coils, and creates an environment in which air temperature is lowered as it enters the air conditioning unit.

The system is designed so that absolutely no water transfers to the condenser coils.

Panels are attached by rare earth super magnets for ease of unit access. 

Evaporation occurs at the pads; not on the coils – Since water does not contact the condenser coil, this expensive equipment component will not corrode, and will not become fouled by mineral deposits left behind by the evaporating water.

The evaporative media is made of an inexpensive durable polymer that is easily cleaned or replaced when minerals deposits accumulate. Evaporative media also acts as a filter to reduce the amount of dust and debris settling on the condenser coil.

Sensors continuously monitor the ambient air temperature, relative humidity, condenser leaving liquid line temperature, and power status of the compressors. Th control box is able to modify the evaporative operation according to our proprietary algorithms stored in its memory. The control box automatically reacts to changing weather conditions by precisely adjusting the water disbursement duration and the interval between disbursements, to allow for optimum evaporation of the water. This means less water is used when conditions are less conducive to evaporation (high humidity/ low temperature), and more water is used when conditions are more conducive to evaporation (low humidity/ high temperature).

The control box also monitors the power status of the unit compressors using a current transformer attached to one power lead going to each compressor. This is especially important on units with more than one refrigerant circuit, because the control box monitors each circuit and reacts accordingly. When electrical current is drawn to power the compressor, the current transformer alerts the control box to which compressor is operational.