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Commercial Products


MT 30 C-5T 30 Capstone Turbine-5 Tons cooling
MT 65C-5T 65 Capstone Turbine -5 Tons cooling
MT0C 10T 30 Capstone Turbine-10 Tons of cooling
MT 65C-10T 65 Capstone Turbine -10 Tons cooling
MT 65C-15T 65 Capstone Turbine-15 Tons cooling
MT 65C- 20T       65 Capstone Turbine 20 Tons cooling
MT 60 LPG-5T 60kW Reciprocating / LPG/ generator 5 Tons cooling. All air cooled
MT 390D-25T 390kW Diesel generator with 25 RT of cooling. All air cooled.



  • 5 Ton Air water maker
  • 10 Ton Air water maker
  • 15 Ton Air water maker
  • 20 Ton Air water maker

Solar Water Still

SWS 18                Solar Water Still with 18 litre capacity   


Domestic Air Water Generators