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Domestic Atmospheric Water - Generator. (AWG)

In conjunction with our Commercial success of MultiGen’s, we now offer our Atmospheric Water Generator which is a new state of the art, water generating Machine, using some of the latest and most sophisticated technology available in this arena today. We have aimed to produce the maximum amount of high quality drinking water (7.2-.7.8 PH) while using only the minimum amount of electricity to do so.

It is important to be aware that this technology is driven by humidity and temperature. This means this machine is totally dependent on Humidity and Temperature and resulting Dewpoint to make water. Generally the higher the humidity the more water you will make only providing you have moderate temperatures. Basic output is 10-30 Litres a day with 16 litres storage.

Domestic Atmospheric Water Generator

The WES, AWG machine is fitted with sensors for leaks, multistage filtration, food class surfaces, and Ultraviolet sterilisation lamps; and most important is a water circulation technology ensuring stored water remains fresh and clean.



If clean fresh water is needed and humidity or temperatures are low you may connect your machine to an alternate water source, e.g. a city water source and the AWG will refine the water to our clean drinking water standard.