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“grow where others cannot”.

The WES MultiGen system when combined with DEWPOINT SYSTEMS, DewPonics, is a unique use of the Water produced by MultiGen. This is thus a modular Agriculture System with technology that accelerates and controls the growth of plants by chilling the plant roots in warm humid climates.

This system gives the plants the elusion that its “Spring Season” during which time many temperate plants experience accelerated growth. In Tropical climates a DewPonics system can grow temperate seasonal crops year round in regions that often are compelled to import these crops.

The chilled soils in the planters, use the water from the AWM to cool the roots. The need for supplemental irrigation is greatly reduced because the chilled soil reduces evaporation loss. So the amount of water required in some cases by the DewPonics systems is about <5% of what is typically needed by other cultivation methods.

The DewPonics system requires no access to freshwater sources. The growth system is complimented by the MultiGen system by supplying the ability to cool the roots with water made from the AWG by transferring the temperature only to the roots; this water in turn can be used as water for other uses.

Over 100 Temperate plant species have been grown at the Natural Energy Labatory of Hawaii (NELHA) using the root chilling technology. This technology was first developed by the use of Cold Deep ocean water available to NELHA. This technology has now been combined with the WES system of MultiGen AWG and made the entire system portable.