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Air Conditioning Air-Water Generator (AC-AWM)

General Description

The air-cooled, AC-AWM is operated off the ammonia absorption chiller coolant and brings to the market 4 varying sizes of Air Water Generators. Savings on energy can be significant as the AC-AWM is operating from the Absorber which is operated from free energy. Where the chiller is fired almost entirely by waste heat the AC-AWM requires only minimal power to run the fans dragging ambient air over the fins at varying speeds and depending on local atmospheric conditions. With the addition of the AC-AWM to a conventional CHP MultiGen set-up we can deliver tri-generation, or CCHP, allowing the simultaneous delivery of Electricity, cooling a space and water from the atmosphere in one system of true tri-generation.

In particularly dry RH climates, the additional Water Booster can be attached, doubling RH of the air to be treated, prior to moisture removal allowing greater water manufacturer in such conditions. This feature suits RH from 10%-45% RH. This feature is unique to this technology.

* Available for use 50Hz and 60Hz environments





Sizes and weight vary dependent on the system chosen i.e. 5,10,20 Ton system to be connected in series to the MultiGen Absorption chillers. Please ask for details.

Absorbtion Chiller. (5T)  17.6 kWt

The Air-Cooled, Waste Heat & Gas Fired Ammonia Absorption Chiller 17.6kW (5RT)The Air-Cooled, Waste Heat & Gas Fired Ammonia Absorption Chiller 17.6kW (5RT)



  •  Highest GAX efficiency
  •  0.68+ Coefficient of performance (COP)
  •  Proprietary heat exchangers
  •  TEV for higher efficiency at all ambient

  •  Unique exhaust heat recovery capability
  •  Dual fuel capability permits gas
to exhaust heat
  •  Closed water loop (pump optional)


Chiller Dimensions

Performance Specifications

Delivered cooling capacity in at standard        17.6kW (5 RT) 60,100BTU/hour
ARI condition of 35C (95F ) ambient    
Gas input 26.1kW (94MJ)        89,000BTU/hour
Condenser air flow 200m3/min 7,000CFM

Heat source clean, dry particulate free exhaust or similar gas at min 300°C (572°F); mass flow dependent on temperature available

Chilled Water Data

Return water temperature 12.8c 55F
Supply water temperature 7.2c 45F
Chilled water flow 45.4l/min                12.0GPM            
Internal pressure drop water column               6.1m 20.0ft
Unit chilled water volume 9.5litres 2.5 gasl

Maximum external pressure drop for unit mounted water pump 7.6m 25ft

Electrical Specifications

Electrical power requirements (*single phase) 208/240v
Condenser fan motor power 0.223kW (x2)
Refrigerant circuit pump motor power  0.372kW 
Internal water pump power (optional) 0.223kW 
Total cooling operating power consumption 1.3kW 
Minimum circuit ampacity (MCA) 15 Amps 
Size of time delay fuses (field supplied)/quantity                            15 Amp/2 Fuses

* Available for use 50Hz and 60Hz environments

Piping Connections/Physical Data

Gas inlet, NPTF 12.7mm                0.5in.
Exhaust gas connection typical                                    150mm 5.906in.
Electrical connection knockout    
Shipping weight 500kg 1,102.31lbs
Operating weight 476kg 1,049.4lbs
Refrigerant type R717