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The Natural Gas MultiGen

The air-cooled, AC-AWM can be operated off variety Chillers and produce a coolant which is used on matching and varying sizes of Air Water Generators designed specifically for WES.

The latest development with MultiGen systems is the Gas fired chiller (below) in keeping with our further development. Now “air cooled gas fired chillers” can activate the WES Water from Air system. Savings on energy can be significant as the AC-AWM is then operating from the Natural gas fired chiller at substantially lower costs than Electric chillers. Where the chiller running the AC-AWM requires only minimal power to run the fans for the ambient air over the fins at varying speeds, depending on local atmospheric conditions.

Natural Gas Fired Multigen

Natural Gas Fired MultiGen

Low Relative humidity: In particularly dry RH climates, the additional Water Booster (below) connected to our AWM can be added, doubling RH of the air to be treated, prior to moisture removal allowing greater water manufacturer in such conditions. This feature can take RH from 10% to 45% RH or 45%-94% RH. This feature is unique to this WES technology.

Low Humidity

Water from Air Production Booster for Low Humidity