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WES15L Compact Air Water Generator

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Features of the WES 15 L plug and play Atmospheric water generator.

  • 15L per day water extracted from air at 80% humidity 30C;
  • Storage Capacity: 6L fresh drinking water
  • Power required: 110/240v
  • Frequency: 50/60 hz
  • Water Production Power: .375 w
  • Working atmospheric Temperature: 14 - 40C
  • Working atmospheric Humidity: 33 - 95%
  • Unit Weight: 32 KG
  • Unit Dimensions (mm): 45x45 x 56
  • Room temperature water
  • Leak detector alarm
  • Change filters alarm
  • Electrostatic air filter (Washable)
  • Mineralization Carbon Filter to PH 7.8 -7.9 (slight Alkaline)
  • 10 Micron Carbon Pre- Filter
  • 5 Micron Carbon Post Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter
  • Silicon/Sand/Carbon lower Tank pouch filter
  • Parts Per Million less than 50
  • EC less than 100
  • Same filters as the 30L and 60 L by Dow.

Auto Low Humidity sleep mode at 33% with water disbursement available.
Recirculates water made daily past 2 UV lights keeping water fresh and bacteria free.
Council water Grid connection spout.

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WES15L Compact Air Water Generator

WES15L backside open view