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What is Tri-Generation and a MultiGen?

…it is a superior energy efficient system that combines a number of proven technologies to provide 3 functions using a single fuel source and the associated waste heat.

MultiGen can offer:

  • electricity from 30kW Turbines and is scalable to 1MW,
  • chilled water for cooling systems like refrigeration or HVAC,
  • hot water for manufacturing processes or heating  swim pools,
  • Cool air conditioning from 17kWr scalable to upwards and,
  • water from the air at 5 litres (1.32 US gallons) per hour per 3.5kWr (1RT) of cooling capacity.

A MultiGen is a natural gas powered system that uses was exhaust gas heat from typically a Micro Turbine like Capstone with an integrated Heat Exchanger (left) that produces Electricity and Hot Water. In the above picture waste Hhat from the Micro Turbine powers the Absorption Chillers (centre) and Chilled Water produced is supplied to the Water Maker- Air Handling Unit (image below) to make Cool Air and Water from the Air. Hot Water from the Heat Exchanger enables Space Heating via the air handler.

Of the 100% of fuel used by MultiGen only between approximately only 10% is wasted. This results in significant environmental and economic savings. Generally payback periods can be 5 years or less and is determined by a number of factors including gas supply price, a client’s existing electricity charges and the level of MultiGen functions utilised. The same can be accomplished with refrigeration or straight cool air conditioning.

The Water Maker Air Handling Unit provides Air Conditioning and Water from the Air used to supplement irrigation or water used for other purposes.

In summary MultiGen acts to:

  • reduce water and electricity costs,
  • provide reliable supplementary electricity and water supplies,
  • reduce dependence on the electricity grid,
  • provide the ability to continue to operate during blackouts,
  • supplement or replace existing HVAC requirements,
  • reduce boiler gas consumption by preheating return hot water,
  • reduce your CO2 emissions and,
  • importantly save you money helping to retain or increase profitability.

To find out how MultiGen could benefit your organisation please contact MultiGen Group.

MultiGen was developed by World Environmental Solutions Pty Limited an Australian company that retains the exclusive rights to market, distribute and manufacture in Australasia.