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MultiGen 60d 18kWr (5RT)

Diesel Exhaust Heat and Tri-Generation
… use your Diesel Exhaust to make water and cool air from the atmosphere.

Diesel Exhaust Generating Water from Air:

  • Manufactures water from the atmosphere
  • Can use exhaust from existing or new generators
  • The produced water by-product cool air is suitable for cooling spaces
  • Low maintenance: Few moving parts
  • Air cooled absorption chillers and air water maker
  • Outputs are dependent on the atmospheric conditions found on site
  • Auto adjusts to temperature variation of exhaust
  • Approved for use in most areas

On site ‘’water made from the air’’ using the exhaust gas heat from diesel generators. Developed alongside the MultiGen (G) system is the option for existing or new diesel generators to use the air cooled absorption chillers with our air~water maker to generate water on site. This system enables an existing diesel generator to perform two additional functions without effecting the operation of the generator. Free energy and thus free water. This commercially proven technology has its own patented water making process.

The by-product of the air- water generation process produces cool air and that can be used to support existing air conditioning systems or air condition areas such as machinery rooms or large workplace common areas close by. Water generated can be stored for later use while the generated electricity can be used for existing requirements.

The MultiGen diesel technology is unique to WES as it makes water free, and is utilizing existing power source already on site. It has applications with new and existing tourist resorts, mining camps, agricultural meat production and remote communities. In fact anywhere there is a requirement for water and a generator is available, we can make water emanating from a single reliable diesel generator as the power source. We simply can take the exhaust gas heat wasted and connect it to our system and generate water from the air.

Systems are available in 18kWt or 5RT sized increments and can generate 1,000 – 5,000 litres or 265 to 1,320 US gallons a day of water at 65 RH and 27 C or 80F. The higher the temperature and humidity, the more water made. The larger the generator, the larger the system connected, and the larger volume of water made. 

The combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) techniques used by WES and its MultiGen systems are employed on diesel engines to achieve this outcome.