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MultiGen 65e 72kWr (20RT)

MultiGen65e 72kWr (20RT) is a modular system that comprises of a natural gas powered micro-turbine, electric chiller and water maker that combines a number of highly efficient, reliable, low emission and commercially proven propriety technologies.

Combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) techniques such as tri-generation, used by MultiGen, are employed to generate a number of useful energy products using a single fuel source – natural gas.

Air produced as a by-product of water making can be used to supply air conditioning to a common area or to supplement an existing ducted system. Generated electricity reduces the amount of grid supplies required.

Quick Facts:

MultiGen 65e 72kWr (20RT)

  • Air conditioned air to supplement an existing ducted A/C system or air condition a common area of up to 400 sq. metres or 4,305 sq. feet – (72kWth or 20RT of cooling capacity)
  • Up to 700,000 litres (184,920 US gallons) of water p.a can be generated from the air on this model (dependent on climatic conditions)
  • Approximately 330,000kWh of clean electricity available p.a on this model.
  • Hot water heating at the rate of 150litres – 40 US gallons (per minute at 50 -80C or 122-176F (if fitted with heat exchanger)
  • Up to 300 tonnes – 330 tons of CO2 savings p.a on this model (dependent on emission factors and MultiGen functions)
  • Highly efficient: >68% (compared to 33% of grid supplied electricity)
  • Uses Clean Fuel: Natural gas – very low NOX less than 8 ppm
  • Low noise 65dB at 10 metres – or 32 feet
  • Small equipment footprint (approx. 22 sq. metres – 236 sq. feet)
  • Low maintenance: few moving parts & no lubricants required
  • 5 or 9 year parts warranty
  • Systems are modular and can be multi-packed (eg: 3 x MultiGen65 = MultiGen195)

To find out how MultiGen could benefit your organisation please contact MultiGen Group.