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The Sola Hydra Cube


Completely Solar and developed for the Mining and Indigenous communities in Australia.

WES, an Australian company specializing in Water from the Air Generators (AWG), and NZRE, a publicly traded Canadian company specializing in solar energy and insulation have entered a JV together. This NZRE technology is preventing much of the Thermal Bridging effect found in adverse conditions with steel containers. This material is made up from Fiber glass and fire retardant resin skin with high density EPS and Enertech Embedded Solar Modules.

The JV ‘s goal is producing a unique drinking water station which collectively has been called the “Sola Hydra Cube”. These two companies offer leading technology in their chosen fields.

The NZRE Solar Cells are embedded in the Fiberglass skin which surrounds the EPS center which provides the insulation and the power to operate the AWG(s) while stabilizing internal temperatures of the cube; this allows the WES Water from Air Machines an operate efficiently, cool Inverter and batteries in a controlled environment. Fresh outside air is ducted to each internal machine.

Light weight, portable and container friendly these Hydra Cubes are available in either HC 120 providing 120 Liters of drinking water per day or HC 200 version providing a possible 200 Liters of water per day, both entirely solar driven. Optional Back up power and additional water storage available.