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WES-Water 3 Station

The Water 3 dispensing machine that can dispense a SS insulated bottle and spring water.


Many resorts in the Caribbean and Barrier Reef are trying to phase out plastic water bottles as they are buying millions a year …just for water. We install a 60 Litre machine inside their dispenser. This made their machine able to be placed at resort tennis courts, golf etc. in fact anywhere we can make water. The resorts give the customer a bottle when they arrive at check in, and they can go to any Water station at the resort and fill the bottle; a $3-5 charge sent to their room after fill-up. Exit plastic bottles. Bottles are labelled for the resort and people keep the bottle as a souvenir of their visit.

The mining companies have some issues with the miners passing out from dehydration. This way on fill-up , they are shown how much water they have had that day and how much they should have had relative to the weather at the site, This done from the reader on top of the water 3 bottle once inserted under the dispenser and shown on the screen in front of them.