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MultiGen Solutions when there is no water OR there is polluted water.



Economic Water & Cooling Products


Our MultiGen System when integrated with diesel generators, microturbines, or other heat sources produces cooling/refrigeration and water. Our systems use unique air-cooled absorption chillers along with a proprietary air-to-water maker to generate cooling and water on site. This system enables two additional functions without affecting the operation of the generator. Free energy from waste heat and thus free water. This commercially proven technology has its own patented water making process.

Quick Product Facts

  • Manufactures water from the atmosphere
  • Can use exhaust from existing or new generators or turbines
  • The produced water by-product cool air is suitable for cooling spaces
  • Low maintenance with few moving parts
  • Air-cooled absorption chiller and air-cooled air-water maker
  • Outputs are dependent on the atmospheric conditions found on site
  • Auto-adjusts to temperature variation of exhaust

Water from the Air - Domestic and Commercial Air Water Generators

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